Established in 2006, “ouzhuo technology” is a business entity with the capacity of design, manufacture, and sales hall effect ICs, hall effect sensors, TMR sensors, and other related magnetic sensors.

Operating Modes

As a fabless company, ouzhuo is cooperating with leading and advanced foundries and package companies, which could make high quantity and reliable wafers according to our designs.

Ouzhuo's production capacity is about 50 million pieces to 100 million pieces hall effect ICs and magnetic sensors per year. We also provide customized services for special applications.

Precise Test
All of OH Series hall ICs are 100% tested with fully automatic test-sorting machines and narrow the scope between +/-10GS each rank to guarantee the consistency and high reliability.

Environmental Friendly 
Ouzhuo’s products, especially OH series hall effect ICs are all REACH and ROHS certificated.

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