What should I pay attention to when I buy Hall effect ICs?

2019-08-08 12:16:16 YAN 24

How to choose a suitable Hall element, Hall element manufacturers tell you that the key to choosing a Hall element is to choose the right function and the matching production process.

First of all, we know that Hall elements can be divided into unipolar Hall elements, bipolar Hall elements, locked Hall switch circuits, linear Hall switch circuits, and all-pole Hall switch circuits, including various types. Programmable Hall, or Differential Hall. Which function to choose depends on the design of the magnetic circuit in the customer's design, such as where the magnet is placed, the movement of the magnet and the Hall is parallel, vertical, close or far away, is there a middle between the magnet and the Hall? Where other substances are placed, whether the material is magnetically or not, and so on, all of which determine or affect how the magnetic lines of force pass through the sensing surface of the Hall switch circuit, and whether the magnetic field strength at the Hall surface is sufficient to trigger or Turn off the Hall switch. This is what we often call "sensitivity", which is the magnetic field strength required to trigger or shut down the Hall. It is reflected in the specification as the parameter that Brp is the release point. You can check it out yourself. You can also see the difference more intuitively according to our product selection guide.

Secondly, considering the harshness of the working environment and the requirements for static electricity, we can choose the Hall manufactured by the bipolar process or the Hall switch of the MOS process, and the sensitivity will be higher.

Hall elements manufactured by OuZhuo Technology use bipolar or MOS processes to cover a wide range of functions, and our engineers are ready to help you choose the right product. Please call us at 025-83247886, 025-52312738 or use the QQ or WeChat on the right to contact us.

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